Morgan Real Estate Management is a highly qualified and extremely professional painting company based out of Seattle.  Throughout our history of providing painting services throughout the greater Seattle area, our company has become known for it’s fast, clean, and efficient approach to the painting service trade.

With our qualified team of professional painters, no painting project is beyond our vast range of expertise.  From understanding client needs and what they expect from a professional painting company, to knowing exactly what methods and products are best for each task, Morgan Real Estate Management delivers the service you need.

Our painting contractors are skilled professionals in handling services ranging from new construction and remodeling to painting businesses including restaurants, salons, and offices.  We are ready to help with your next project and only a call away.


  • $60hr per technician (billed at the 1/4hr, drive time)
  • 2hr minimum 
  • No mark up on materials
  • Property Management Companies please call to ask about our portfolio pricing